Alien invaders?

Alien invaders?

Alien Invaders?

You know how I said – ‘Keep an Open Mind’ in my first post, well you’re gonna need it for this one!

As I said before – crazy sh*t happens to me every day.

I know longer get weirded out or question why or if it’s possible – ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

Let’s go back to last night…..

I’m pretty sure I had a visitor from outer space. Is this not weird, even to me – well not really. See I’ve definitely been receiving of celestial and light beings in my channeling recently.  So if we believe in those beings why can’t we believe in others too?

Whilst sleeping i was woken up by a sound, a whoosh, something that I’ve never heard before. I keep my curtains open so I looked up from my bed and could see it was pretty bright outside, considering it was 2:22am. 

I told myself it was nothing, the thing is when you’ve had so many spiritual experiences its had to kid yourself after a while. 

I tried to go back to sleep, eye closed, then I felt it, it’s unmistakable to me, the change in pressure. Someone or something was definitely in my room. 

Sh*t do I look or pretend there’s nothing there. I did my usual ‘Archangel Michael, protect me from any negative energy’ and took a look.

I could ‘see’ anything but I knew something was there.

I laid back down and told myself – OK, there’s somebody here right now, do I ignore it and pretend I can’t sense their presence or do I engage with ‘it’.

I took the first option, closed my eyes. Then felt heaviness at the end of my bed – also something I’ve felt before, it’s much like the pressure change thing.

‘Archangel Michael, ,protect me from any negative energy’

I chose not to engage with them last night – I’m kinda bummed and kinda happy about it. I’m curious now though.

Maybe they will return soon……

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Alien invaders?

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  1. Liz

    Interesting.. Mm.. I recognise parts of this.. happened to kick something that wasn’t a ‘thing’ whilst in bed, whilst on my own 🤷‍♀️

  2. Bobbi

    Hi Lottie,
    I couldn’t believe it when I read about your experience!
    I too had a visit at 2.22am, the whoosh and the feeling at the end of my bed.
    I have been feeling out of sorts recently due to a dodgy curry, I called upon the archangel Raphael who recommended Gaviscon double action but I knew that the angelic angel of well-being would frown upon this and instead I lit an incense stick and repeated my mantra “Away with you bindi gosht, bindi gosht be gone, I call upon the archangel Donatello to rid thy”
    Well low and behold, 5 mins later and I was experiencing what some know as the “Ring of eternal Fire”!
    After the triple flusher everything seemed to settle and I resumed a fulfilled and empowered sleep.

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