Spiritual, Intuitive & Angel services

Services Provided

Spiritual Mentorship

If you are going through awakening, or maybe a phase of change or growth in your life or business, it can be so important to have a Spiritual mentor to lean on. I help guide you along the spiritual path, so you can learn more about yourself, feel more aligned and feel at home in who you are becoming.

Intuitive Guidance

Intuitive Guidance is so special, as an intuitive I have the ability to see what maybe you cannot.

I offer 1:1 Intuitive guidance, Connection calls, Intuitive readings and The Inner Circle which is a VIP offering where yo have me as your guide in your pocket.

Angel Services

As a certified Angel Guide and a holder of a Diploma in Angelic Healing, I use beautiful Angel energy to guide you, heal you, activate you. 

Other Angel offerings include my SOLD OUT group program Angels in your Business and Angels Alumni membership. 

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Card Readings

Readings are the launch pad for many of my clients.
It's the perfect medicine to look at what areas you need to grow in to, how you can embody your highest self, what you need to release etc.
Angel Readings - Angel readings call upon Angel energy through the power of Angel cards and my divine connection to these beings of light.
Oracle Readings - The oracle is such a special energy, always supportive with deep meaning.
Tarot Reading - Tarot offers the opportunity to see deep within to the pysche, offering tangible infomartion you can use in an area of your choice.

The Inner Circle

This VIP offering is described by clients as 'having a guide in my pocket'.
Imagine having a spiritual mentor, healer, intuitive guide on speed dial.
Each month you receive an options of services along with 1:1 support via Voxer or Voice notes.
This is a very unique support system.

Angels in your Business

This SOLD OUT and hugely successfull program opens its doors again on May 3rd.
During 6 weeks you will learn all you need to know about developing a beautiful and supportive connection to Angels.
Included weekly calls. activations, visualisations, worksheets, dedicated group portal.

1:1 Services for Spiritual Growth

Allow me to guide you.
Maybe you want to develop a connection to your guides with Meet your Spirit Guide or Connection Calls, or you'd like to work through some growing pains with Sacred Spiritual Support or you''d like to feel more aligned in your business, you want to step in to your power and launch offerings with full integrity and meaning - this is possible through a 6/8 week 1:1 guiidance and development program.

Healing and Activation

These remote sessions are focused on calling on Angel energy to provide both healing and activation.
I work with the Angels, the Golden Ray and the Lyra to work on chakra points so you can relax and leave the session feelinG both relaxed and taken care of or activated and energised.
Sessions include an informal chat beforehand and close with a card pull and any channeled messages I received for you durign the session.

Coffee Chat

Unsure what to book, why not book a FREE coffee chat so we can discuss which service is best for you.